“BIKUR HOLIM” hospital in Riga is one of the oldest medical facilities in the city. Its history lingers through centuries. It was opened for the first time in 1924. Since that time many generations of citizens of Riga relate the name “BIKUR HOLIM” to health, quality, and comfort. “BIKUR HOLIM” means “Patient care” in Jewish.

“BIKUR HOLIM” hospital offers a wide range of outpatient and inpatient services: five inpatient care departments, an outpatient care facility, experienced specialists, different methods of diagnostics. We have everything to accomplish the most important daily goal – to make sure that YOU are in good HEALTH!

In our outpatient care facility, we have physicians of 15 different specialties. All of them are highly-qualified with many years of experience in treatment and diagnostics.

At the “BIKUR HOLIM” hospital, we provide a full range of diagnostic tests:
ultrasonography, radiological exams, endoscopy (examination of the gastrointestinal tract), echocardiography (examination of the cardiovascular system), Doppler-ultrasonography (examination of the vessels of the neck, head and limbs), computed tomography, and many more.

We do care not only about providing qualified medical help for your physical health, but it is important for us as well that you would feel comfortable and psychologically adapted. For this reason, our hospital has a cosy and domestic atmosphere. Our surgical department is a good example; it is rather small and very cosy – a patient feels calm and confident here. Extra class specialists work here and are able to perform any kind of surgery.

For example, unique bariatric surgical procedures are performed here. These are surgical procedures to help people with obesity to lose excessive weight by performing gastrointestinal tract reconstruction surgeries. It should be highlighted, that this kind of procedure becomes more and more popular in our country as the number of people in Latvia, as well as in Europe, suffering from obesity increases every year. Many people who try to lose weight have already tried everything: medications, exhausting exercises, diet, therapy… And everything was useless! The effectiveness of bariatric surgical procedures is weight reduction by up to 80% of the excessive weight within one year after the surgery.

In our hospital, there is an opportunity undergo rehabilitation process after severe illnesses, receive palliative and medical care.

The „BIKUR HOLIM” hospital owns a unique for Latvia radio-wave therapy equipment for treating diseases of the prostate gland (prostatitis, benign adenoma). Due to this unique method it is possible to avoid surgical treatment at certain stages of these diseases!

There is also a cabinet for treating intestinal malfunctioning diseases.

A full examination can be performed within 2-3 days at the inpatient care facility. A patient arrives in the morning, settles in comfort, and then has a range of procedures performed: specialists’ consults, diagnostic tests, treatment. The patient can spend the night at home or stay at the hospital (additional fees apply).

So the „BIKUR HOLIM” hospital in Riga is a modern facility with long-term traditions. It is a combination of highly technological equipment, domestic atmosphere, individual approach, caring personnel, and, most of all, continuous care of your health!

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